Friday, February 23, 2018

Why do I paint?

"Be persistent and create."  _Judith Durr

Recently I was asked why I paint and what inspires me.

The Rose
Judith Durr all right reserved.
I paint because I have to.  I have never been able to explain it.  There is something deep within me that desires to paint and I have had this desire since I was a child. This desire has never waivered nor could it be suppressed. 

I feel desire, passion and inspiration lead us to persistence. This leads us to create and creation brings us to our reward. Talent means you worked and persisted to achieve your desires.  It is only in your persistence, you are drive to reach your goals will you be rewarded.  

What Inspires me.
Artists who share with other artists inspires me. Because of artists like Jim Daly, Pat Haptonstall, Ray Swanson,  Roger Kull and my Mother helped me find my way.  The artist help to define my life and my work. Thank you. 

People, history, archeology and the enjoyment of collecting defines my work today.  My journey is always changing and yet sometime it is the same.  My hope is my persistence creates the finest paintings I can paint. 

Keep growing, creating and explorating. 
May I always be curious and studying. I hope you are too.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Enduring Legacies by Judith Durr

 Judith Durr -2017 Cowgirl Up! Show 

 Desert Caballeros Western Museum 

March 24-May 7

The last few years have become a time of transition and growth for me as an artist.
 Life changes provided me the time to adapt, reach and begin many of my goals,
teaching, demonstrations and lecturing. These life changes opened   our studio as our gallery, providing a destination for people to purchase our  artwork and our  studio for teaching
our workshops. I love it when a dream is realized and a plan comes together.

Spirit of the Horse by Judith Durr - 2016 copyrighted
The Ranch is open. Just call us for an appointment, 480-620-3849 and we
will arrange for individual or group and bus tours. 
We are off Carefree Highway and N. 50th Street, Cave Creek, AZ